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Mobile Deposit FAQs

Our FAQs cover how to use Mobile Deposit, types of transactions and guidelines for submitting checks.

Common Questions About Mobile Deposit

What is Axiom Mobile Deposit?

It is the ability to make a deposit by taking a picture of a check with your iPhone or Android phone. Axiom Mobile Deposit is available for customers that use consumer online banking and have downloaded the most recent mobile banking application (app).


Who is eligible for Axiom Mobile Deposit?

Customers who have a checking or savings account, consumer online banking and have downloaded the most recent version of the Axiom Bank iPhone or Android app are eligible. Please refer to terms and conditions.


Is there a charge for the service?

Axiom Bank does not charge for this service.


I would like step-by-step instructions.

  1. Make sure you have the most recent version of Axiom Bank’s mobile app.
  2. Open the mobile app.
  3. Select “Deposit Check” (may vary).
  4. Select the “Deposit To” field to choose which account you’d like to deposit your check.
  5. Enter the amount of the deposit.
  6. Endorse the back of your check with your signature and write “For Axiom Bank Mobile Deposit Only”.
  7. Use your mobile device to take a picture of the front and back of the check.
  8. Submit the deposit.
  9. Select if you would like a confirmation email.


What type of checks can be deposited?

U.S. dollar checks that are drawn on a U.S. bank, are payable to you, and endorsed by you, can be deposited. This includes personal, business and government checks. We cannot accept checks payable to others, checks payable to a business, traveler’s checks, money orders, foreign checks, substitute checks, returned checks, postdated or stale dated checks (more than six months old) or savings bonds.


Should the check be endorsed?

Yes. The check must be endorsed. The front and back of the check are captured using your smartphone’s camera.


How should the check be endorsed?

Endorse the back of the check and add “For Bank Mobile Deposit Only” below your signature. All deposits are subject to verification and can be adjusted/rejected upon review.


Is a deposit ticket required?

No. Your selection at the time of deposit determines the account to which the funds will be deposited.


Are there any limits on the number of the checks deposited?

Deposits consist of one check at a time. If multiple checks need to be deposited, they must be endorsed and deposited individually.


Are there any limits on the dollar amount of deposits?

Deposits are limited to $2500 per item, and $2500 per day.


What are the reasons for not having an image accepted?

There are multiple reasons an image might not be accepted, including missing an endorsement, blurry images, too dark of an image, the check is wrinkled or the amount is not legible.


How to ensure a successful image capture of the check:

  • Place the check on a flat surface.
  • The surface should not be the same color as the check; use a contrasting background.
  • Straighten the edges
  • Ensure the edges line up within the image finder on the screen (you may need to zoom in and out to align the fit)
  • Place the check in a well-lit area. Florescent lighting can present a challenge.


Is there a specific time the deposit has to be made?

Deposits can be made with Mobile Deposit at any time. If the deposit is made after our cutoff time of 7:00 pm EST, your deposit will post to your account the next business day. Please refer to terms and conditions.


When will the deposit be available?

Deposit by 7:00 pm EST on any business day (does not include Saturdays, Sundays and Federal Holidays) and your funds will usually be available within the next two business days. Please note: All deposits are subject to verification and can be adjusted/rejected upon review. Please retain your paper check until the funds are posted to your account.


The Bank makes no guaranty that Mobile Deposit will be without errors, secure and uninterrupted. You agree that the use of Mobile Deposit is at your own risk and on an “as is” basis.


How do I know the bank received my deposit?

A result screen appears showing the pending deposit. A deposit history is also available to review.


What should I do with the check after I have processed a successful mobile deposit?

Axiom Bank recommends you hold onto the check for 30 days after the deposit has been credited to your account. After 30 days we recommend you shred the check.


What happens if the deposit is submitted twice in error?

When we identify a duplicate deposit, we will decline the second deposit, and you will receive a notification that the transaction will not be continued.


Can a mobile deposit be declined?

Yes. Whenever a deposit is “Declined”, a message will be returned with the reason for the declination.

Examples would be:

  • Duplicate detection
  • Missing endorsement
  • Amount exceeded daily or per item limit
  • Document is too dark/too light


Can access to Mobile Deposit be restricted for any reason?

The Bank reserves the right to restrict or deny access to Mobile Deposit without prior notice if it is unable to confirm your authority to access Mobile Deposit or we believe such action is necessary for security reasons. Please refer to terms and conditions.


How will I know if I’ve been denied access or restricted?

If you have been denied access, the mobile option will not be available to you and you will not see it.

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