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CD-Secured Loans

Use a CD as loan collateral to grow your investment over time.

Get the Funds You Need While Growing Your Investment

Get cash when you need it and repair your credit in the process! If you need cash fast, relying on a credit card or unsecured loan can cost you hundreds of dollars with higher interest rates. 

A CD-secured loan from Axiom Bank allows you to use a CD as collateral for your loan. This allows you to earn a solid return on your deposit while getting the financing you need, making the most of your money.

Benefits of CD-Secured Loans

There are numerous benefits with a CD-secured loan from Axiom Bank:

  • Get the funds you need now without clearing your accounts or piling on high-interest debt
  • Earn interest on your deposit for the life of the CD
  • We offer competitive interest rates
  • All decisions are made locally in our Florida offices, meaning you get a quick decision on your loan approval

All loan processing, underwriting and service are provided locally as well, so you’ll never be without help if you have a question or concern.

OTHER  Things to Know About CD-Secured Loans

When you take out a CD-secured loan, an equivalent amount must remain in your CD account. The loan cannot be more than the deposit. 

Questions? Contact Axiom Bank to request more information about loans backed by certificates of deposit.

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