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Gain more control over your debit card to limit fraud and spending.

Your Friend in the Fight Against Fraud and Overspending

CardValet is now integrated into our mobile app, which makes it easier for you than ever to be proactive in preventing fraud and saving money!

Spending Control


Empower yourself when it comes to saving money! CardValet allows you to set controls for spending by merchant types (gas, food, retail stores, etc.) to help you stick to your budget. You can even customize these limits by location! Plus, you can adjust your spending settings by using the convenient app.

Fraud Protection


You’ve lost your debit card, or worse yet, it’s been stolen. Now what? Before calling us to have your account frozen, you can use the CardValet app to immediately turn your card “off.” This means no new purchases or withdrawals will be approved.

You can also set limits on geographic areas and specific locations. And real-time alerts let you know when your card is being declined to help you further prevent fraud.

CardValet ensures your employees are not spending too much.

Business Use

Never worry about employees abusing the company debit card again! You can set spending limits on merchant type, location and even by vendor code. From now on, you’ll never wonder if your employees are abiding by company spending policies.

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