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Business Services

A comprehensive collection of Treasury Management Services.

A Complete Line of Treasury Management Solutions

At Axiom Bank, our suite of Business Services helps you manage, monitor and complete financial tasks. It’s just one more way we’re helping you be proactive about managing your business’s finances.

Want to know more about any of the services listed below? Simply stop by any Axiom Bank location, call (800) 584-0015 or contact us through the website.

Owner Computer

Online Wire Transfers

Initiate an outgoing domestic transfer from your office instead of our lobby. Online Wire Transfer is a service available within Commercial Online Banking allowing you to set up both same-day and future-dated transfers, as well as schedule recurring transfers. Tokens and dual approval requirements add security and control.

ACH Origination

Improve your cash flow with ACH Origination! Provide direct deposit, collect dues and payments and pay vendors quickly and on time. It’s a perfect service for you if:

  • You spend too much time on paper checks for payroll
  • Your employees have trouble cashing paper checks
  • You’ve been hit with late charges for late payments to vendors
  • You’re done with trying to guess when a client will pay you


Eligibility subject to review and approval.

Fraud Detection Services

Keep criminals’ hands off your money and prevent fraud with the various fraud detection tools at your disposal:

  • ACH Blocks and Filters- automatically block or filter unauthorized ACH transactions based on criteria you have selected in advance.  Accept only the debits or credits you’ve authorized - all other ACH transactions are rejected.
  • Check Positive Pay- Each day, checks presented for payment are compared to those in your check issued file, allowing you to review exception items online. 
  • ACH Positive Pay- works the same as Check Positive Pay giving you the ability to accept or reject ACH transactions before they post to your account.




EDI Reporting

Easily translate addenda on your ACH items into a useful format with EDI Reporting. Get a daily report, via an encrypted email portal, that details all remittance data and ACH items.

Cash Management Sweeps

Simplify your company’s finances with cash management sweep options designed to fit your needs.  Automate daily transfers with a customized sweep or take advantage of our other Cash Management Sweep options, which include:

  • Money Market Sweep- link your non-interest checking account to sweep excess funds to your Business Money Market account. This saves time over a manual process, helps maintain liquidity, and helps grow your excess funds.
  • Zero Balance Account- Pool your company’s funds into a single master account to gain more control over disbursement, collections and cash flow. This also helps streamline your account reconciliation and provides increased protection of the funds in the master account.

Partners at Work Program

Give your employees the benefits of value-oriented banking services at a lower cost with our Partners at Work Program! 

Your Benefits:

  • Increases employee loyalty
  • Builds a partnership with a local community bank
  • Our suite of business checking and savings accounts can help you make the most of your money
  • Our lending options can help your business move to the next level

Your employees’ benefits:

  • Our products and services are focused on adding value
  • More options means your employees find the best product and service mix for their lifestyle
  • Our cutting edge online and mobile services provide affordability, convenience and accessibility

And WE do all the work! 

Simply contact us today to get started
Credit Card

Merchant Services

Cash may be king, but plastic is practical and popular. With our partner, Fattmerchant®, we are able to provide the means for your business to accept card payments of all kinds – credit cards, debit cards, gift cards – from Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® and American Express®. Fattmerchant® utilizes a subscription-based model. You receive unlimited credit card and payment processing for a flat monthly membership fee plus interchange (direct cost of credit card transaction) – no percentage markups, monthly minimums or statement fees to worry about!

It is added convenience for your customers, translating to an increase in sales and cash flow potential for your business.

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